Rental Tips For Your Next Skid Steer Equipment Needs


Yard and landscape projects often come in the spring, and with the right equipment, your outdoor projects will be much easier and go more smoothly. By renting a skid steer for your landscaping work, you can maximize your efforts and get results that look professional. Here are some tips to help you as you rent and select the right skid steer for your outdoor project.

Consider Type of Skid Steer

One of the first considerations you should decide on when you are looking to rent a skid steer is the type of surface terrain you will be working on. This detail will determine the type of skid steer you will need because if you are working on rough terrain, you need a skid steer that is built with a track system and that will be able to maneuver over the ground obstacles. 

If you rent a skid steer with wheels instead of tracks, the wheels will slip and spin on muddy or icy surfaces, and you won't be able to get a lot of work done. However, if you plan to work on your property that has finishes, such as pavement, lawn, and other landscaping features, the tracks on a track skid steer are going to tear up and damage your existing surfaces. 

Most skid steer rentals aimed at residential rental work provide wheeled skid steer to protect the surfaces while you work but be sure to check before you go to pick up your skid steer rental. You can ask the rental technician what types they provide, to reserve the right type of equipment.

Determine the Right Machine Size

In addition to the type of wheelbase, skid steers also come in a variety of sizes, depending on the type of work you will be completing. If you are going to be working in your fenced-in backyard and want to be able to have good maneuverability in tight spaces, a smaller compact skid steer is the right option for you. A compact skid steer loader will be able to fit around the side of your house, and it will still be large enough to move gravel or soil around your property.

However, if you have a larger worksite and plan to move large amounts of earth and excavation, a larger-sized skid steer will have a bigger capacity loader bucket, capability for a larger grader blade, a larger attachment for trenching, or a deeper trencher attachment. A larger skid steer will make it easier for you to lay and spread a large surface area of gravel for a foundation slab.


25 January 2021

Renting The Right Equipment For Your Project

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