Care Tips For A Hydraulic Bucket Truck


A bucket truck is a versatile piece of equipment needed to perform electrical wire repairs, install new wiring, or reach elevated heights where a construction project is being completed. Regulated guidelines require a crew master to inspect the equipment, prior to elevating someone inside of it. If you or an employee notice that one of the hydraulic arms is cracked or if leakage is evident near the bearings that are attached to a piece of the hydraulic equipment, it is time to take the machinery out of commission, until you can have it repaired.

Know What Could Cause An Issue

Improper lubrication, stripped hardware, or normal wear and tear could contribute to the failure of a hydraulic system. Hydraulic systems require a specialized oil and hydraulic fluid and should only be changed or replenished by a person who has been trained to perform either job.

All equipment that is used on the job needs to be serviced annually, to prevent extensive damage or serious bodily harm. If an arm is cracked or if one of the hydraulic switches has stopped working, a heavy load or overuse may have contributed to the damage. Replacement parts will be essential. Sometimes, a problem may be more intricate, requiring an entire hydraulic rebuild, which can be performed at a machine shop.

Keep A Checklist

When repair work is completed, you will receive an itemized list of the parts that were essential with getting the machinery back into operable order. Each part of a hydraulic system has an average lifespan. Knowing how long parts normally last will help you keep track of the condition of your machinery and may alert you to the likelihood of incurring a potential problem in the near future.

Store receipts, detailed service charts or bills, and any other material that pertains to your machinery inside of a filing cabinet or a lockbox. Since your bucket truck and other equipment that is utilized during construction projects probably required a large initial investment on your part, proper storage is one way to eliminate the need for multiple repairs.

Have An Inspection List

Machinery should be clean and dry, prior to moving the equipment into a storage building. Ensure that proper safety is always followed while a piece of hydraulic equipment is being utilized and require each crew master or operator to sign off on an inspection checklist, prior to entering the operator seating area or the bucket. This helps not only to flag any need for repairs, but it also helps to ensure the safety of your employees.

If your hydraulic bucket truck or machine fails a safety inspection, make sure to contact a hydraulic shop like Certified Products Inc right away.


29 July 2020

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