What Is ANSI?


Within the construction industry, there are a lot of standards that should be met in order to make sure that your employees are safe. You will need to have inspections on a regular basis to make sure that you are staying in compliance with those standards. One set of those standards is the OSHA standards, which are specifically designed for workplace health and safety. Another set of standards are the ANSI standards. ANSI is something other than OSHA, but it's just as important. 


ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute. They are a non-profit agency. They take the standards that are developed within industries and other organizations and standardize them. ANSI also accredits those standards, which can make them something that the entire industry can agree with and meet. Having those accredited standards makes it easy to judge something industry-wide. It also makes it easier for businesses in the US to be more competitive across the world. That's because the standards give the businesses a uniform framework on which to base their standards. 


Where OSHA inspections will check out things like safety procedures and workplace practices, ANSI inspections look for other things. They are looking at various pieces of equipment. The inspector is going to check to make sure that the equipment meets certain industry standards. While adhering to ANSI standards isn't strictly necessary, being rated as voluntary recommended practices, the fact is that it's a good idea to meet them. For one thing, part of OSHA inspections are going to go back and reference ANSI standards. If your business can't prove that you are meeting those standards, then you are going to have to deal with potential lawsuits if someone gets hurt. You are also going to have to deal with the fact that you may fail the OSHA inspections because you haven't met the ANSI standards. it's just easier to meet the standards and make sure that you can pass their inspections. An ANSI inspector can come out to your facility before you are due to have your OSHA inspection and check out your facility for you, which will give you time to make sure that any problems are fixed before the OSHA inspection. 

If you are in the construction industry, it's important to make sure that you are meeting every standard you can. That includes both the ANSI standards as well as the OSHA standards. Reach out to a company like Power Equipment Leasing Co Inc for more information on ANSI inspection services.


29 October 2019

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