Renting A Tractor For Your Weekend Project


If you do not own a construction company or a farm, you probably don't have a tractor in the yard, standing by whenever you need it. But what happens when you have a project that needs to be completed that requires a tractor to handle? That is when the local equipment rental company comes in handy. They might just have that tractor sitting there waiting for you.

Finding The Right Equipment For Your Job

When you start looking at options for renting a tractor or loader for your project, be very specific about the work you will be doing with it when you call the rental company. They may have several things that could work but one might be a better fit. If you want the right equipment for the job, it is best to let the experts help you select the right piece of equipment. You don't want to go through the steps to rent the equipment just to get it home and have it be the wrong tool for the job you are trying to go.

Consider renting over a weekend

Many times equipment rental companies are open shorter hours on Sunday or sometimes they are not open at all. If this is the case, they may offer a better rate for rentals that pick up on Saturday and span over the following day since they are not there to return the equipment to. It can sometimes give you a whole extra day to u7se the equipment at a lower rate or sometimes no extra cost at all. When you schedule your rental, be sure to ask about pricing on a Sunday and see what they offer.

Delivery Versus Pickup

If you are going to rent a small or medium-sized tractor, it is going to have to be moved on a trailer or flatbed but if you do not own a vehicle that can tow a trailer, you will need to see if you can get the tractor delivered. In some cases, the company will offer pickup and delivery but be sure to ask if there is an added cost for that. They may offer free delivery within a specific area or so many miles from the shop and a fee beyond that but you need to ask to get the details so you are not surprised with a charge you didn't know was coming. If they do not offer delivery, you will need to make arrangements for a truck or rent from another company that does offer delivery of their equipment. In any case, be sure to ask the question up front.

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17 October 2017

Renting The Right Equipment For Your Project

As a new homeowner, I remember looking at my landscaping and wishing for better things. In an effort to make the area beautiful, I borrowed a tractor from my friend and started moving land around. Unfortunately, since I didn't know what I was doing, the job took me a lot longer than it should have. Unfortunately, my mistakes also led to me having to hire someone else to finish the job. The goal of my site is to teach you how to rent the right equipment and tools for your next DIY project. You never know what you will want to tackle, but by using the right tool, everything will be more manageable.