Up, Up, And Away! Five Uncommon Things You Can Hoist With A Crane


Cranes are known for their hoisting services. Without them, construction on skyscrapers would be dead in the water. However, you probably did not know that cranes from a place like Agin Crane Service can provide unusual hoisting services for less common items. Here are few other things you can hoist with a crane, should you ever need to.


Bet you did not know that cranes are responsible for hoisting whales, did you? How else would you transport whales from one location to another? To make this work, a giant canvas tarp is saturated with sea water to keep the whale wet and cool. Divers jump into the water or the whale's tank, wrap the tarp underneath the whale's head and belly, clip the crane's cable lines to the hooks on the tarp, and lift the whale out of the water and onto a truck.

Super-Thick, Extra Large Sheets of Glass

Speaking of whales, did you know that the glass used to house a whale in an aquarium is at least six to twelve inches thick? It has to be, or the water in the tank and the whale's movements would accidentally cause the glass to shatter. To construct an aquarium large enough to house a whale, a crane is required to lift and move the glass into position so that it can be installed.

Industrial Boilers and Industrial Generators

If you have ever seen an industrial boiler or an industrial generator, then you know how humongous these pieces of equipment are. To move these items, you either have to completely dismantle them (which is extremely complicated!), or you have to use cranes to lift them up, remove them from their present position, and load them onto a double-wide flatbed truck. 

People Who Weigh over Five Hundred Pounds

There are morbidly obese people in the world who cannot be moved from their beds because their weight is above and beyond any medical equipment that can manage their weight. All of these patients are far and above five hundred pounds. When they experience a medical emergency, or when their bodies have to be removed for burial purposes, hoisting services via a crane are called in to manage the job.

Other Heavy Construction Vehicles

From time to time, other heavy construction vehicles need to be loaded onto a flatbed tow truck and taken in for repairs. When these vehicles are unable to move on their own, a crane (or two) assists. The cranes pick up the broken-down vehicle and help move it slowly onto the tow bed.


17 July 2017

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