4 Different Interior Wall Panel Styles & How They Effect Wall Construction


When you are building a large building such as an arena or hospital, you want the walls to be made of very sturdy stuff. This job falls to heavy construction contractors because they have access to materials that have different properties for this type of construction. Here are just a few of the different options your contractor may give you when you are starting new construction with heavy duty walls lined with interior panels.

HPCI Barrier Panel

If you want your walls to act as water barriers, vapor barriers, air barriers and thermal barriers (to keep heat in or out), then the HPCI barrier panel is an option your contractor might show you. These are really good panels for building outdoor sports arenas because they are resistant to all types of weather conditions and provide lots of support inside the walls. Rather than fill the walls with concrete, as is custom with building some sports arenas, the HPCI barrier lines the walls and provides all of the previously stated means of protection.

The 7.2 Insul Rib Panel

This panel is ribbed like ocean waves and made of thick foam. Inside heavy duty walls, it acts as soundproofing material. It also provides a little added cushioning in the event that something large, like a car, hits the wall. Outdoor sound is almost completely diminished, while indoor sound and echoes are nearly inaudible.

Metal Span Partition Wall

This panel can be used one of three ways; to line the interior of a wall to maintain heat, cover an interior wall for decoration and light reflection, and decorate the outside of a building in a post-modern, futuristic sort of way. Heat retention, heat conduction and light reflection are the three properties that your contractor would promote in this type of paneling. If any of those things are something you want in your building, then you might want to consider this product.

The Double Duty of LS-36 Roof and Wall Panels

If you want to cut costs and not have to pay for separate interior panels for both the roof and the walls of your building, consider the roof and wall panels that are available. They are designed to function as both roof and wall panels so that you can have one seamless, continuous use of the same panel materials. Scrap materials from this type of paneling can be used for other parts of the building's construction as well, making it a very useful sort of interior panel material.

To learn more about your options, contact companies like Allied Metal.


24 April 2017

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