Up, Up, And Away! Lifting Warehouse Goods The Easy Way


Back injuries due to warehouse duties are a frequent hazard of the job. Too many warehouse employees forget that they have plenty of warehouse material handling supplies at their disposal that will prevent these injuries. If you are a warehouse supervisor, it may be time to share and/or review the following with your warehouse employees so that there are fewer injuries in their immediate futures.


Remember: forklifts are your friends, especially when you work in a warehouse. There are dozens of pallets of exceptionally heavy goods that all need to be put somewhere, and sometimes the pallet jacks cannot handle the weight. Whenever possible, your employees should be using forklifts to move things around. As the supervisor, you can remind them of this everyday at the start of every shift. Working smarter, not faster, is key, and using a forklift for every heavy jobs helps.


If your warehouse is fortunate enough to have really wide aisles and a telehandler, your employees can lift heavy pallets of goods to the top racks of the warehouse shelving with ease. Generally, you want to keep the heaviest pallets down low, but sometimes there is no place else to put these pallets unless you spend a lot of time moving other pallets around and taking others down from on high or lifting lighter ones to top shelves. The telehandler helps warehouse employees lift pallets higher than a forklift ever could and saves their bodies and backs from injuries in the process.

Platform Elevators

Platform elevators are more frequently used in construction of buildings, but in a warehouse setting they can be equally useful. Your warehouse crew loads the platform, then one person operates the controls to lift the platform up to the level where the items need to be unloaded. While the platform elevators take time to construct and can lift several thousand pounds of stuff, they are still worth the thousands of dollars saved from employee injury claims and lost man hours to lift moderately heavy goods on high.

Electric Pallet Jacks

Most warehouse jacks are manually pumped to gain elevation. This eventually leads to wear and tear on the arms, shoulders, and upper back. Keep your warehouse employees safer and healthier by investing in and purchasing electric pallet jacks. These jacks recharge when plugged into a wall for a while. Then a button on the jack engages the hydraulic lift system to elevate the jack and anything sitting on it. No manual pumping needed.

Everything can be lifted the easy way when you have all of the above warehouse handling materials at your disposal.


3 April 2017

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